Post BREXIT rules

Due to new VAT rules set by the UK per Jan. 1st 2021 I no longer accept orders below £150 from UK customers. Also there will be an increase in shipment fee because of customs declaration handling. You will no longer have to pay the danish VAT of 25%. You will be charged the UK VAT of 20% and a handling fee by Royal Mail or ParcelForce and to be paid before or at delivery.

I'm still trying to get to the bottom of all the brexit changes. Here is a link to the new rules:
As the rules specify for orders below £135 I'm required to register for VAT in UK, collect the VAT and pay UK on a quarterly basis. I honestly don't want any involvement and administration in collecting UK VAT and don't work for free for the UK tax man either.

This is the reason for setting a minimum order value (excluding shipment cost) to £150.